"I love the openness of IGA. I'm not religious - but I feel included in the celebration of love in my own way and there is room for that. To me the diversity is something special. Everyone is welcome whatever background, level of experience, age, religious beliefs, sexuality, gender or ethnicity. Some of the singers attend the workshop with their fellow choir members, others come alone, with friends or family and through singing we are all united. "

Augusta Lindenhoff

"I look forward to IGA's workshops long before they take place. Expectations are high and I have never been disappointed. We enjoy very inspiring and talented instructors, and are offered teaching in song technique, rhythm, sound, better stage performance, etc. It's wonderful with an entire weekend full of joy, presence and musical togetherness."

Lene Jenstrup

"The workshop has, among other things, met my desire to be a soloist. At the soloing masterclass Terrance talked about the importance of having the courage to dare. If you never try you will never achieve anything. Gospel music is about daring to express your feelings. So I took on the challenge. When it was my turn to sing a solo, I almost got hit by stage fright. But I jumped right out into it and surrendered to the atmosphere. Out of me came a song/voice like never before! It was an euphoric, amazing atmosphere that hit me that afternoon in Birkerød. It was also the beginning of me being a soloist in my own choir. I am so proud and feel so honored. Thank you IGA and Terrance Kelly for giving me the courage to dare."

Susan Jespersen

"I had the expectation that we would only be singing a lot. Instead, I experienced a spiritual community with a lot of people of all ages, sizes and colors and the workshop became a lot more than just singing to me. I experienced an openness and the space to be me - just the way I am. Even in those situations where the very skilled instructors pushed me into situations that made me vulnerable. "

Natalia Rogaczewska

"I am used to a very different way of teaching than the instructors at IGA, which is challenging and also exciting. IGA is open to all singers, whether you already sing in a choir or not.  After attending an IGA workshop I feel that my own level of singing has been lifted higher. There are several different instructors  with each their own personality and form of teaching, which creates diversity and unity all at the same time."

Susie Claudia Nielsen

"The workshop ends with a concert which is the high point for me. It really touches me and tears roll down my face every time. But it's ok. It's an amazing experience and I wish others could have the opportunity to experience this."

Elin Koch

"I have attended IGA's workshop severel times and they have been some of the most enriching and educational weekends for me. The level is incredibly high and I have learned a lot. I am so grateful that I tried out this workshop. Singing gospel music is the most rewarding and life-affirming hobby you can imagine. And doing it together with Terrence, Dale, Ben, Paul and Lise is simply amazing. "

Henriette Hjorth

"At an IGA workshop you will be directed, instructed and inspired by some amazing, skilled and professional instructors. In the break-out-sessions (conducting, soloing, song writing, etc.), you also get the opportunity to customize the workshop for your own individual needs, or even try something new. And as the big finale - there is the concert. All the songs you have learned, all the talent in the workshop choir, culminates in one big concert. Imagine how 150 excited people sound. Here's a hint: It's pure joy! "

Rie Rømer Villumsen

"To stand in the midst of and even contribute to the inner sound of prayer and love that gospel music is, can not be described. Only experienced. "

Søren Jenstrup