The Danish Oakland Tour Choir

In April 2017, 40 singers, 2 choir directors and 1 pianist headed from Denmark to Oakland, California to attend the world’s first International Interfaith Gospel Conference hosted by the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir. The 40 singers came from 8 different Danish gospel choirs, but gathered for this occasion as an IGA project choir under the name “The Danish Oakland Tour Choir”, directed by Paul Kim and Lise Leiko Yoshida and accompanied by pianist Søren Baun. It became an experience of a lifetime! Attending the conference were gospel choirs from the USA, Canada, France and Kenya – around 400 singers in total. The conference days became a moving and intense demonstration of how music and song can tear down walls and boundaries between people and instead remind us of everything we have in common as a human race. Watch this video clip from Saturday evening with the Danish choir performing at a truly phenomenal concert in a conference hall filled with the true gospel spirit!